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Wheel Movers: Your Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of  Cotter Pins

Wheel Mover stands as a leading cotter pins manufacturer and supplier in India. With a commitment to manufacturing excellence, a diverse range of cotter pins, stringent quality control measures, customization options, and a customer-centric approach, Wheel Mover has earned the trust and loyalty of numerous customers in the automotive industry. When it comes to cotter pins, Wheel Mover is the preferred choice for superior quality, reliability, and exceptional performance.

What is Cotter Pins?

Cotter pins are essential components commonly used in vehicles, particularly in suspension systems. They are small, metal fasteners with a split design and resemble a hairpin or staple. Cotter pins are inserted through holes in bolts or shafts to prevent them from loosening or sliding out.

Types of Cotter pins ?

Hairpin Cotter Pin: This is the most common type of cotter pin and has a basic hairpin shape. It features two straight legs that are inserted into a hole or through a shaft, and the curved middle section provides tension to hold it in place.


Bowtie Cotter Pin: This type of cotter pin has a bowtie shape, with two straight legs and a wider, rounded middle section. It is often used for securing hitch pins, clevis pins, and other similar applications.


Circle Cotter Pin: Also known as a round cotter pin or loop cotter pin, it has a circular or loop shape with a straight leg that is inserted through a hole or shaft. It forms a complete circle once inserted and is commonly used for securing castle nuts or clevis pins.


Square Cotter Pin: This type of cotter pin has a square or rectangular shape and is used in applications where a hairpin cotter pin might rotate or twist out of place. The square shape provides better stability and resistance to rotation.


Extended Prong Cotter Pin: This cotter pin has longer prongs compared to other types. It is designed for use in thicker or larger components, where a standard cotter pin may not be long enough to secure the part effectively.

Functions of Cotter pins

Securing Bolts and Nuts: One of the primary functions of cotter pins is to secure bolts and nuts in place. This function ensures that critical connections remain intact, reducing the risk of accidents or equipment failure.


Locking Pins and Shafts: Cotter pins are frequently used to lock pins and shafts in position. 

Aligning and Adjusting Parts: Cotter pins can also serve as alignment and adjustment aids. They can be used to align or adjust the position of components during assembly or installation. 

Safety Measures: Cotter pins play a crucial role in ensuring safety in various applications. Cotter pins are commonly used in automotive applications, such as in steering systems, suspension components, and brake assemblies, where safety is of paramount importance.

Why Choose us?

Extensive Experience: With years of experience in the manufacturing industry, We have gained comprehensive knowledge and expertise in producing high-quality Cotter pins. 


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Wheelmovers boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with cutting-edge machinery and technology. Their advanced infrastructure allows for efficient and precise production processes, ensuring consistent quality across their Cotter pin range.


Quality Assurance: Wheelmovers places great emphasis on quality assurance. From the sourcing of raw materials to the final inspection, We ensures that each Cotter pin meets the highest industry standards.


Diverse Product Range: We offers a wide range of Cotter pins catering to various applications and industries.


Customization Options: Understanding that different projects may have unique requirements, Wheelmover provides customization options for their Cotter pins. 


Competitive Pricing: Despite their superior quality and advanced manufacturing capabilities, Wheelmover offers competitive pricing for their Cotter pins. 

Timely Delivery: We understands the importance of timely delivery for its customers.

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