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Wheel Movers: Leading Grease Gun Nozzles Manufacturer & Supplier in India

With years of experience in the industry, Wheel Mover has established itself as a leading grease gun nozzles manufacturer and supplier in India. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians works diligently to develop innovative nozzle designs that meet international standards. We invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that our grease gun nozzles are up to date with the latest industry requirements.

What are Grease Gun Nozzles ?

Grease gun nozzles are essential tools used in vehicle maintenance for applying lubricating grease. They are attachments that connect to grease guns, handheld devices used to inject grease into various vehicle components such as joints, bearings, and fittings. The nozzles serve as the delivery point for the grease, enabling precise application in tight or hard-to-reach spaces. 

Types of Grease Gun Nozzles?

Standard Nozzle: This is the basic nozzle that comes with most grease guns. It typically has a narrow, tapered tip for directing grease into tight spaces.


Needle Nozzle: This type of nozzle has a long, thin needle-like tip that is useful for reaching small orifices, such as fittings on bearings, hinges, and bushings.


Flex Hose Nozzle: A flex hose nozzle consists of a flexible hose that attaches to the end of the grease gun. This allows for greater reach and flexibility in applying grease to hard-to-reach areas or components with limited access.


Button Head Nozzle: This nozzle has a flat, rounded tip with a button-like shape. It is designed to provide a wider distribution of grease when applied to flat surfaces or large areas.


Flush Type Nozzle: The flush type nozzle has a flat, rectangular tip. It is useful for applying grease to flush-mounted fittings or surfaces.


Extension Nozzle: An extension nozzle is a rigid or flexible tube that attaches to the standard nozzle of a grease gun, extending its reach. It allows grease to be applied to components located in deep recesses or inaccessible areas.

Right Angle Nozzle: This type of nozzle has a 90-degree bend, allowing grease to be applied in tight spaces or around corners. It is commonly used in automotive applications where fittings are positioned at angles.

Functions of Grease Gun Nozzles

Grease gun nozzles play a crucial role in the lubrication and maintenance of suspension parts in vehicles.

  • Grease Delivery: The primary function of a grease gun nozzle is to deliver grease to the desired lubrication points. It allows controlled and precise application of grease, ensuring that the lubricant reaches the intended components efficiently.

  • Directional Control: Grease gun nozzles often feature a variety of shapes and designs that enable directional control of the grease flow. This helps ensure comprehensive lubrication coverage and reduces the risk of missing critical lubrication points.

  • Pressure Regulation: Some advanced grease gun nozzles come with pressure-regulating mechanisms. These mechanisms allow users to control the amount of pressure applied during lubrication. 

  • Compatibility: Grease gun nozzles are designed to be compatible with different types of grease fittings and equipment. This compatibility ensures a proper seal, efficient grease transfer, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination between different types of lubricants.

  • Safety Features: Some grease gun nozzles incorporate safety features to prevent accidents and promote safe lubrication practices.

  • Extension Options: Grease gun nozzles often offer extension options to reach inaccessible lubrication points. Extensions provide versatility in lubrication applications and ensure that grease can be effectively delivered to critical components.

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