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Wheel Movers: Leading Pressure Plates Springs Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Wheel Mover, a leading Pressure Plate Springs Manufacturer in India, stands out in the competitive automotive parts manufacturing industry due to its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. The company prioritizes the establishment of long-term relationships with its clients, achieved through exceptional customer service and support. Their knowledgeable and responsive team is always available to promptly address any inquiries or concerns, from initial contact to after-sales assistance. Furthermore, Wheel Mover recognizes the significance of efficient logistics and offers flexible shipping options to ensure timely product delivery. This commitment to meeting customer needs and providing superior service has garnered the trust and loyalty of automotive suspension parts manufacturers in India.

What are  Pressure Plates Springs?

The pressure plate is a metal disc that applies pressure to the clutch disc, allowing power to transfer from the engine to the transmission. It engages and disengages the clutch when the driver depresses or releases the clutch pedal. Springs are used in conjunction with the pressure plate to provide the necessary force and help control the engagement and disengagement of the clutch. These components work together to ensure smooth shifting and efficient power transfer in a vehicle with a manual transmission.

Types of Pressure Plates Springs

  1. Diaphragm Springs: Diaphragm springs are widely used in modern automotive clutches. They consist of a thin, circular metal disc with a series of radial fingers or corrugations. When the clutch is engaged, the diaphragm spring flexes and applies pressure to the clutch disc.

  2. Coil Springs: Coil springs are helical springs commonly used in pressure plates. They are made of a wire wound into a cylindrical shape. The coil springs are stacked together in the pressure plate assembly and compressed to provide the required pressure.

  3. Belleville Springs: Belleville springs, also known as conical or disc springs, are conical-shaped springs that exert axial pressure when compressed. They are often used in high-performance or heavy-duty clutches to provide a strong and consistent clamping force.

  4. Leaf Springs: Leaf springs consist of a series of curved metal strips, or leaves, stacked together. They are commonly used in older or heavy-duty clutch assemblies. Each leaf flexes and contributes to the overall pressure applied to the clutch disc.

  5. Wave Springs: Wave springs, also known as wave washers or wave disc springs, are curved metal washers with a wave-like shape. They are used as pressure plate springs to provide a compact and efficient means of applying pressure to the clutch disc.

Functions of Pressure Plates Springs

  • Load Distribution: Pressure plates are used to evenly distribute force or load across a surface. They help ensure that the load is spread uniformly, minimizing localized stress concentrations. 

  • Clamping and Holding: Pressure plates, often combined with springs, are used to clamp or hold objects together securely. In automotive clutches, for example, pressure plates exert pressure on the clutch disc, enabling it to engage or disengage the engine's power. Springs assist in maintaining the desired clamping force while accommodating small variations in the system.

  • Shock Absorption: This function is commonly observed in suspension systems of vehicles, where springs help absorb road irregularities, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride. The pressure plates in these systems help transmit the forces while maintaining the necessary tension on the springs.

  • Force Regulation: Pressure plates and springs are used to regulate or control the applied force within a system. 

  • Mechanical Energy Storage: Springs possess the ability to store mechanical energy when compressed or stretched. This stored energy can be released and utilized when needed. 

  • System Safety: Pressure plates and springs can contribute to the safety of mechanical systems. 

  • Calibration and Adjustability: Springs and pressure plates can be used to calibrate or adjust the behavior of mechanical systems

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